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Black Lives Matter South Carolina has launched a Micro-Grant program. The BLK Micro-Grants offer the chance to earn grant money anywhere from $50 to $2,000. So if a person is 35 years old or younger and lives in South Carolina, if they want to feed their community, if they’re going to host a march, if they’re going to register voters, they will be eligible for all of our BLK Grants. 


FUNDS AVAILABLE $50 - $500 - $1,000
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Frequently asked questions

Program Participation

The Grant Program is only available to current people or organizations that are in South Carolina or have a valid South Carolina ID - Driver’s License. Black Lives Matter reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel this Grant Program at any time. The Grant Program is only available online at www.BLMSC.org, while funds last. Internet access is required for participation in the Program.

How are grant winners selected?

BLM-SC grant winners are selected through a random, sweepstakes-style drawing of everyone who completed the action steps and verified their participation in the campaign. Everyone who applies and participates in 3 or more BLM-SC or a local county BLM chapter meeting or event has an equal chance of earning a grant, though, on some campaigns, those who make more impact will earn additional chances to win the grant or the chance at other prizes. Winners will be individually notified via email or phone call within 20 days of the grant application close. Winners of each grant will typically be announced to the public 1-4 weeks after the close of the grant application.

Grants Money can only be used for the following (ONLY)

Community meeting Social justice meeting Social Impact march Community service event Voter registration house parties ( Must Register 50 people to vote in order to receive this grant) Space rental for community events (ONLY) Food for community event of feeding Money cannot be used for event equipment because we offer event equipment rental for a small fee of $10 with a $100 deposit. There is no fee to members of BLM-SC. Mentor Trips or Events Community Festivals, Block Parties, Fish Fry. Social Justice flyers print (Office Depot/ Office Max Only) Community event New organization website

What are the basic rules?

  • Only a person that is 35 years old or younger or a local organization without a national organization as the lead organization.
  • Must live in the state of South Carolina
  • National Organization for Change of parent org has the Forward Fund for those who live outside of South Carolina.
  • Must give details of plans for any grant-funded events of projects
  • Must send in a video telling us about how your work is impacting the people in your community.